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Did you know that every area of technology has legal compliance requirements that apply no matter how large or small your business is? Did you know they could cost you millions in fines or even lead to jail time? 

  • Export Controls:

    • International Traffic in Arms Regulations (ITAR) applies to a whole host of technologies including GPS, some fuels, and many products developed with military funding.

    • Export Administration Regulations (EAR) applies to everything that is produced in the US not under ITAR. This includes cell phones, encryption software, earbuds, clothing, everything. Many are only restricted for export to specific countries.

    • Deemed Exports are a facet of US export controls that consider the passing of information to a non-US person to be an export regardless of the individual’s location.

  • Office of Foreign Asset Control (OFAC) is the portion of the US government that keeps track of financial assets related to US businesses and individuals. They are involved many things such as:

    • Monitoring investment activities,

    • Requiring yearly statements on bank accounts that US persons and entities have access to,

    • Restricting US persons or entities from doing business with specific individuals and entities, and

    • Enforcing trade sanctions,

  • GDPR, General Data Protection Regulation, the EU requirements on how you handle the  personal information of EU nationals. Given the global marketplace this affects anyone with an email list.

Not sure if you or your portfolio are fully compliant? Need help? Contact an Engineer Legal specialist now.

Introducing Engineer Legal

Engineer Legal specializes in avoiding costly compliance pitfalls for VCs, Angels, and their startups.  While a few regulations have loopholes for small start ups, many apply even to individuals. Leading to many startups ignorantly exposing themselves to millions in fines, and potentially jail time (instant game overs). 

We are dedicated to helping startups succeed. With the better part of a decade in settings up Silicon Valley startups and their global branch’s to succeed by mastering both US and international regulations. We engineer business solutions utilizing the legal system as a scaffolding.  The earlier you start, the less expensive incorporating legal compliance becomes. 

Engineer Legal has specialists in Export Controls, Trade Sanctions and Data Protection regulations worldwide with particular focus on the United States and Europe. 

Engineer Legal does not provide legal advise. We engineer your business avoiding legal pitfalls that cost millions and lead to jail time.